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Specializing in websites for non-profits and small to medium businesses.

Give your website a clean modern look, turn visitors into clients, volunteers, or members.

We can help give your business the modern look you need from a professional website, Facebook page, to information packets

We can also help you with your computing needs!

There many ways to create a website, we work with you to create the website infrastructure that is best for you.

A traditional website has 'fixed' information and to update that information you will need to contact Little Owl. This is great for clients who don't have rapidly changing information or just don't have the in-house people needed to keep things updated. Grace Lutheran is an example of a traditional website.

A more modern approach CMS (client management system) this blend traditional web design with a client managed portion of the website. You are directly responsible for updating and formatting google docs to update portions of your website. In general CMS websites are less complex then traditional websites. Bard is an example of a CMS website.